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Marine Engineering  London City Airport



40 years’ experience working in, on and under water, Topbond are experts in their field.

Operating in both tidal and non-tidal waters, Topbond have won contracts by being innovative, having a solution-based attitude and utilising expertise, vessels and plant available across the group. 


The following works demonstrate some of the capability and areas of expertise available:

Jetty and Quay Refurbishment (steel, timber, concrete), Fendering, Piling, Concrete Repairs, Sprayed Concrete, Cathodic Protection, Anode Installation, Mooring Solutions, Navigational Aids, Demolition, Bridge Refurbishment, Bearing Replacement, Parapet Upgrades, Carbon Fibre Strengthening, Platipus and Cintec Anchors, Scour and Erosion Protection, Culverts and Outfalls, Survey and Testing.

Access by boat or barge can offer significant advantages, both to budgets and timing over more traditional access methods. Topbond own a range of waterborne craft to undertake works in the marine environment. Any craft utilised will be approved by either the local port authorities (e.g PLA) and / or the MCA. 


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