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With over 40 years experience of civil engineering, Topbond can offer a nationwide structural repair and refurbishment service for buildings, bridges and other structures.

Concrete Repairs

Cathodic Protection

Carbon Fibre Strengthening

Isle of Grain concrete repairs
Orient House cathodic protection
Tenterton Subway carbon fibre strengthening

Isle of Grain

Topbond have a long history of concrete repairs, having worked across the UK on a whole range of reinforced concrete structures, ranging from live LNG tanks to historic listed structures.

In-house experience and expertise allow Topbond to assist in the selection of suitable repair types and materials as well as completing the works with our own teams of repairers.

Experience includes sprayed concrete, hand placed repairs, crack repairs, fairing coats and aesthetical repairs, protective coatings, and inspections and testing before repair works commence.

Orient House

Cathodic Protection is used to control the rate of corrosion in reinforced concrete structures thereby prolonging their service life.  A retrofitted Impressed Current Cathodic Protection system can also be installed to protect the steel frames of masonry clad buildings from corrosion.  Corrosion of the steel frames can result in cracking and spalling of the masonry cladding, a process known as ‘Regent Street Disease’.  Topbond are seen installing a Transformer Rectifier as part of the refurbishment of a system on a Grade II listed building.

Tenterton Subway

The capacity of structures built from a variety of different materials, can be increased using Carbon Fibre strengthening.  On a pedestrian subway the reinforced concrete walls were exposed, and grit blasted before a series of high performance carbon fibre plates (which were coated with epoxy resin adhesive) were applied to the walls.  Topbond were awarded an historic bridge award for their strengthening work of the cast iron Tickford Bridge.

Platipus Ground Anchors

Flood Alleviation Schemes

Post-Tensioned Bridge Removal

Broadmoor Prison platipus ground anchors
Kingsmoor flood alleviation scheme
Kingston Bridge
Kingston Bridge post-tensioned bridge removal

Broadmoor Prison

Topbond are approved installers of Platipus anchors and have a wealth of experience spanning back to over 20 years. Topbond can deliver any sized anchor scheme, from domestic repair schemes through to highways support works on both hand and machine installed anchors. Topbond work hand-in-hand with Platipus to help design and deliver the schemes seamlessly.


Topbond have extensive experience with flood alleviation from ECI to Design and Build. Our team have successfully protected our regions over decades and take pride in safeguarding the local communities. Recent experiences include earthworks, sea walls, upgraded and increased capacity drainage systems.

Kingston Bridge

Topbond have experience in most types of post-tensioned bridge works, notably the removal of a 130t post-tensioned footbridge. Topbond provided specialist design and construction services for the removal of the footbridge over a major ring road in Kingston. The bridge was cut into sections and removed over 1 night, alongside a live rail bridge.

Darenth Interchange parapet upgrade

Parapet Upgrades

Bridge Refurbishment

VRS Schemes

Marlow Bridge

Darenth Interchange

Topbond have carried out a number of parapet upgrades where the existing structure requires modification/upgrading to cater for the new design loads. In this instance the verge cantilever also needed to be upgraded at each post location with an RC rib to the underside of the cantilever verge.

Marlow Bridge

The Topbond team work closely with our clients to present innovative and efficient bridge refurbishment solutions. We understand the importance of expanding the longevity of structures and minimizing future maintenance operations. Every structure comes with its own individual challenges but whether on land, on water, rural or urban we have a proven track record for success.

Marks Tey VRS scheme

Marks Tey

Topbond has extensive experience in the design and construction of highway vehicle restraint systems. This example illustrates a system that was built on a road over mainline railway bridge. Our bespoke temporary fencing system safeguarded the travelling public and our staff during construction.

Marlow Bridge bridge refurbishment

Steelwork Repairs

Bearing Replacements

Masonry Repairs

Dunton Bridge steelwork repair

Dunton Bridge

Group-wide structural experience and in-house capabilities make steel repairs a core part of our business. Topbond operate across multiple highway frameworks which demand planned and reactive steel repairs. Recent works include bridge strikes, bridge strengthening, anti-suicide protection measures and bespoke temporary works.

Lodge Avenue bearing replacement
Red Bridge masonry repairs

Lodge Avenue

Bearings are used to provide a connection point between both the fixed and moving parts of structures. Bearings come in many forms but are critical to allow for movement, expansion and contraction of structures and transfer of dead and live loads. Worn or damaged bearings can cause major damage to structures up to and including total failure resulting in dangerous operating conditions. The above photo shows a new high level bearing fitted to Lodge Avenue flyover on the A13, part of ongoing maintenance carried out by Topbond for RMS 13.

Red Bridge

Topbond carry out numerous repairs to brick arch bridges, generally required due to poor construction/modification methods, inadequate maintenance, impact damage, tree root damage, water ingress, brick face/mortar erosion and scour, principal inspection failure. The project depicted here included all the above requiring a full reconstruction of the failing wingwall, Pilaster, arch face, spandrel, parapet, concrete fill to abutment, waterproofing and road construction.


Chelmer Road Junction infrastructure

Chelmer Road Junction

Highway’s infrastructure has been part of our business since 1975 and our long standing highways frameworks for local and national authorities benefit from our in-house capabilities. Our Civil Engineering teams are multidisciplinary and deliver Drainage, ITS, Major Highway Reconstruction, Culverts, and Bridges.  

Bridge Strengthening

Iron Bridge bridge strengthening

Iron Bridge

Topbond regularly carry out modifications to steel bridges, strengthening them to meet current bridge standards. We have an extensive workforce with a variety of expertise to carry out this work in various environments including rail, marine and highways. All steel work is carried out to execution class three.

Suspension Bridge Refurbishment

Wardown Park suspension bridge refurbishment

Wardown Park

We have carried out works on several cable-stay bridges ranging between 20m span to 35m span. The photograph depicts works to a bridge in Leeds, which involved a complete removal and repair of the deck in-situ, as well as repairs to the pre-cast archways.

Across the Group, Topbond provide tailor-made innovative solutions with experience and expertise.

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