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River Hull, concrete repairs, fluid flow concrete, rapid setting concrete, PAM, Positioner, Actuator and Manipulator, concrete breaking, concrete removal, hydro-demolition




Defects were found in the reinforced concrete capping beam to a river wall. The wall was located adjacent to a tidal river in a city centre.  Although the client wanted to repair the wall themselves, they didn’t want to break out the concrete. 


The tidal river meant that the repairs had to be undertaken from a floating platform, so a flexible solution was required. Due to the volume of concrete to be broken out the use of hand held percussive breakers was discounted by the client due to concerns about hand arm vibration. As the beam was located adjacent to the river the client had also discounted the use of water jetting due to concerns of runoff water causing pollution to the river.


Topbond was appointed to carry out the concrete breakout using PAM (Positioner Actuator Manipulator) as it solved the clients concerns over hand arm vibration and minimised the risk of pollution. PAM is a specialised electric / hydraulic / pneumatic tool holder. This innovative machine

  • minimises the physical effort needed by the operator to lift and position the breaker,

  • isolates the operative from hand arm vibration and

  • improves productivity.

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