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Steel footbridge


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Intaspan, the specialist footbridge division of Topbond plc, offers a complete footbridge Design and Build service.

Steel Footbridges

Timber Footbridges

Maidstone Road steel footbridges
Ightham Mote timber footbridges

Maidstone Road

Ightham Mote

Intaspan, the specialist steel footbridge division of Topbond Plc, offer a complete footbridge design, fabrication to build service. Our team of experts support the whole process for our clients, collaborating with design teams to ensure every project is engineered to meet budgets and expectations.

Intaspan utilise multiple materials throughout the process of footbridge renewal and refurbishment. Within the Topbond Group we have in-house joinery and fabrication departments which carry out all forms of bridge and marine fabrications. Teams collaborate across the Group working closely with all Intaspan projects maximizing expertise brought to any one project.

Timber and Steel Footbridges

Glaxo timber and steel footbridges


Steel and timber footbridges are ideal structures for a range of different spans and locations due to their versatile and practical benefits. These structures can be cambered or flat with the option of fixing a timber fascia to the steel beams to portray an all timber bridge. Timber and steel bridges are suitable for a vast range of bridges including pedestrian footbridges, bridle bridges, vehicle access bridges and cycle bridges.

Across the Group, Topbond provide tailor-made innovative solutions with experience and expertise.

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