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HTS, the survey and testing division of the Topbond Group, are accredited to ISO 17025:2017 for the following services –

  • Half-cell survey

  • Cover meter survey

  • Resistivity survey

  • Carbonation depth measurement

  • Reinforcement continuity

  • Concrete dust and core sampling


Topbond are a UKAS accredited testing laboratory No. 1547 for the following tests - Download our current schedule of accredited tests from UKAS

Post Tensioned Inspection

Concrete Testing

Ferroscan Survey

Rawcliffe Bridge post tensioned inspection
Rawcliffe Bridge ferroscan survey

Rawcliffe Bridge

Since attending the TRL course on the inspection of post-tensioned bridges in the early 1990’s we have inspected over 200 post-tensioned bridges, and are currently contracted to re-inspect these structures. Very few defects are usually found, but regular re-inspection will highlight any deterioration.

County Bridge

HTS regularly undertakes routine concrete condition testing, either on large multi-bridge contracts or as single investigations. The results from the in-situ and laboratory testing provides clients with information on the condition of the concrete and the likelihood of reinforcement corrosion allowing them to proactively manage their assets.

Rawcliffe Bridge

The Hilti Ferroscan is an electromagnetic scanner used to locate and visually display the arrangement of steel reinforcement in reinforced concrete.  The data gathered from surveys displays the cover and spacing of reinforcement and allows rapid QC checking of cover on new build structures.  Associated software allows for post collection processing of survey data.

Barrier Testing

Bridge Investigations

Reinforcement Surveys

Cheltenham Racecourse barrier testing
River Lea Bridge bridge investigations
Reinforcement Surveys

Cheltenham Racecourse

Following tragic events at sports venues the Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds (commonly referred to as the Green Guide) was introduced to provide guidance on the safety of spectators at sports grounds.  HTS have provided a testing service to a variety of sports venues such as football grounds, racecourses, and mixed sports venues throughout the country for more than 20 years.

River Lea Bridge

Concrete testing is frequently undertaken on structures which require specialist access or sector specific training.  HTS has many years’ experience of working on highway structures, rail structure, marinas and jetties in commercial and military setting.  Out staff training qualifications include PTS, IPAF, PASMA, RYA, National Water Safety Management Programme and confined space training.

Typical Survey


Locating the position and size of reinforcement is important for structural assessment work where there are limited historic records, or the records are in doubt.  Information on reinforcement cover and spacing can be gathered using a variety of devices such as cover meters, image scanning devices and ground probing radar, but critical information on the size, type and condition of reinforcement is obtained by reinforcement exposure.  HTS use equipment manufactured by Proceq Profometer, Hilti Ferroscan and Elcometer covermeters to conduct these surveys.

Ground Probing Radar

Concrete Coring

Chloride Sampling

Railway Station ground probing radar
Motorway Bridge concrete coring
Chiswick Bridge chloride sampling

Railway Bridge

Using ground probing radar techniques Topbond can gather information on the position of objects embedded in a structure. Using this non-invasive technique, it is possible to build up an image of the embedded reinforcement in a structure. The technique lends itself to rapid collection of data over large areas.  This can allow reinforcement locations to be determined and avoided (i.e., when core sampling) or targeting (when intrusively inspecting post tensioned ducts). In certain circumstances it may be possible to determine other information about the concrete, such as concrete thickness, areas of pronounced voidage and wetter/drier areas of concrete.

Motorway Bridge

Coring concrete for samples which can be subjected to petrographic examination or compressive strength testing is a frequently requested service that Topbond provides.  By using modern coring rigs and water recycling systems waste slurry water can be collected, filtered, and reused, thus reducing the environmental impact of the activity. 

Chiswick Bridge

Reinforcement corrosion is affected by the presence of chloride ions in the concrete.  It is therefore essential to determine if chloride contamination of a reinforced concrete structure has occurred and what the chloride levels are around the reinforcement. 

Across the Group, Topbond provide tailor-made innovative solutions with experience and expertise.

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