Reconstituted cast stone portico, balconies and copingsthumb_front

Dating back to the 1730s this former Georgian townhouse is now a luxury hotel used by tourists and business people in the exclusive London district of Mayfair, just a short distance from Green Park, Buckingham Palace and Shepherds Market.

 A major refurbishment was carried out with Broadmead providing various profiles and widths of copings to suit the various dividing and party walls at roof level.

 As part of this restoration Broadmead was asked to carry out a detailed design for the manufacture and installation of the main entrance portico along with a new balcony to replace an old one which had started to disintegrate.

 The client had a requirement for the entrance foyer to be kept open to its customers during the installation period. This was achieved by converting the window next to the portico into a temporary entrance, whilst the portico stonework was erected. Once complete, lighting was commissioned and natural stone treads and risers fitted, before the window was reinstated.

The balcony presented an interesting problem with support being given by decorative brackets and restraint by the usual fixing into existing brickwork. The condition of the brickwork however would not allow the normal method of fixing, so a series of cast in threaded rods and plates being used to give the required structural stability.

 The overall effect of the contract using Broadmead to replicate the existing profiles ensured that the renovations were able to preserve and enhance the period feel of the building.




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