As part of a nationwide programme to improve the safety of roads for motorists, the Highways Agency has upgraded central reservations by replacing the steel barriers with concrete barriers.

Prior to the start  this work on the M1 and M62, Topbond’s in-house testing division, HTS, were asked to carry out testing to the central pier of Royds Green East and West Bridges, located at junction 30 of the M62, to ascertain their condition before the barrier improvement work was commenced.  These bridges form part of a packages of bridges which HTS had recently tested.

 After discussing the findings with the client’s Engineer, Topbond were instructed to carry out repairs to those areas of the piers which were found to be defective.

 The scope of work involved removal of loose and delaminated concrete from areas of the pier identified by the client using High Pressure Water Jetting (HPWJ) techniques.  This was followed in key areas by further grit blasting of the reinforcement and the installation of Rebargaurd (sacrificial anodes), prior to the reinstatement of the concrete by sprayed repair techniques.

 The working space in the central reserve of a busy motorway is obviously limited and this placed pressure on the programme for the main contractor.  However as the work was undertaken during the summer months, Topbond were able to work during the evenings, after the main day shift had finished, and were able to complete the works on time.

 The designers benefited from Topbond's early contactor Involvement, during the planning of the investigations and the during the repair phases.  This enabled Topbond to provide a fixed quotation for the works.