Repair, Casting and Installation of Masonry Bridge Parapets

thumb_crane_bridge_twickenham_3The damage caused to bridge parapets from Road Traffic Accidents can pose additional headaches when hard-to-replace masonry work is affected. This is particularly so if the structure is Listed.

Topbond’s expertise in this type of repair is based on two key capabilities: years of bridge repairs experience coupled with the services of the Broadmead Renaissance Cast Stone division. Although primarily used for bespoke new build and heritage projects Broadmead Renaissance Cast Stone skills are equally useful in the replacement of stonework where difficult section designs are required to be matched.

The examples illustrated are River Crane Bridge, Twickenham and Chiswick Bridge, London. River Crane Bridge was designed to include multiple balustrade units cast into a longer section of coping to reduce costs in production and speed on-site installation. Chiswick Bridge was repaired using individual units by copying the design of the originals and refitting along with undamaged units where possible.