Stonework Repairs on Heritage Building

Preston HallMentioned in the Domesday Book, Preston Hall is the ancestral home of the Culpepper family. The present building is an elegant Victorian mansion which has in recent years been used by the West Kent Health Authority.
The building has a 1930s annexe whose external stonework was in need of some repair and estimates were invited for the works.

Topbond’s tender for these works was successful and they were given the go-ahead to undertake repairs to the columns and spandrel panels on the building.

However when the damaged stonework was removed, severe corrosion of the steel frame was discovered, leading to concerns about the stability of the building.

A full survey by a Structural Engineer confirmed that the building would need to be propped internally whilst the steelwork was replaced. This would have to involve considerable disruption to the interior of the building, together with removal of the stone balusters and cornices and repairs to the roof.

Topbond’s proposals for carrying out these works were accepted by the Authority and an extensive programme of refurbishment was planned, taking several months to complete.

The chief priority was of course to ensure the stability of the building but when the steel reinforcement was completed, Topbond undertook the replacement of the stone columns, spandrel panels, balusters and cornices. These replacement items were cast in Topbond’s works by their specialist stone division Renaissance Cast Stone.

Repairs to the roof and internal walls followed and when all the works were completed, the interior of the building had to be made good prior to re-occupation as offices.