Topbond were first approached back in 2009 to give their proposals for the repair of this private road leading to a nursing home.

The causeway had suffered many years of neglect and a combination of vegetation damage and overweight vehicles had caused considerable damage,  The brickwork was in a very poor state of repair, Some of the arches had been propped,  large sections of the parapets had been removed for safety and the entire structure was totally overgrown.

Topbond prepared a detailed specification of the works required.  Some of the arches were repaired using grouting and stitching techniques, with tie bar patress plates; for others it was agreed that galvanised arch formers were more appropriate.  Topbond opted to use Asset International’s multiplate design on these arches.  The brickwork to the wing walls and parapet walls was removed  and repaired, with stainless steel ladder reinforcement used to strengthen the structure.  Where possible the existing bricks were retained and re-used,.  Where this was not possible, bricks were sourced to provide a very close match to the existing brickwork.

When the arches and brickwork were complete, the causeway was re-surfaced and Topbond also undertook fencing, signage and  landscaping works to complete the project.