Canford Suspension Bridge is a 120-year old bridge which provides pedestrian access across the River Stour in Dorset.

Years of exposure to the elements had caused damage to the steelwork and foundations so a competitive tendering process was implemented to find a contractor to undertake the works, with Topbond submitting the most economically advantageous bid.

The works consisted of removing the bridge for renovation off site, putting in new piled foundations installing ground anchors, fitting new suspension cables, then re-installing the renovated bridge.

A 4-metre temporary access road was laid in order to access the site.  Ekki boards on the bridge deck were removed for cleaning and reuse.   The bridge steelwork was removed in sections and put onto pontoons and floated to a nearby landing area.  The sections were then transported to the off site works where they were cleaned, repaired and repainted.

Meanwhile piled foundations were installed and their caps waterproofed before new columns, cables, cable hangers and connections were fitted, ready to receive the bridge sections.

When these works were complete, the bridge sections were returned to site and replaced in the same sequence as they had been removed, again using pontoons to float them into place.

Finishing works included casting concrete steps at either end of the bridge and reinstating the approach footpaths.