thumb_FinishedPedestrian access across flood channel

Our client-a district council- had a requirement for a small bridge to provide access for pedestrians and maintenance teams across the flood channel at Kings Meadow playing fields and asked Intapsan for their design proposals.

Intaspan's solution was  a simple single span Vierendeel truss structure 9.0 m long with a 2.0 clear width.  Foundations were designed using Chance Helical piles, of which the company is an approved contractor.  Four of these piles with a concrete capping beam formed each of the foundations for the bridge, with a ballast wall to retain the approach ramp materials.

The design allowed for 1150mm high Class 3C parapets to BS 7818 , consisting of vertical infill bars between two rails. The top boom of the truss forms the top rail at full height.  These parapets were painted with a Highways Agency Type 2 alternative system comprising shot blast, zinc rich primer , followed by 2 coats MIO HB paint , with a 168 polyurethane finish in green.

The decking was grooved Ekki hardwood planks fitted to hardwood bearers. All hardwood carried  FSC certification for supply route. Two anti-slip strips were included within the deck grooves in each plank.

The bridge site was around 300m from the car park across fields and only rigid vehicles were able to access the site.  When the foundations had been completed bridge erection was undertaken using a 65tm knuckle boom crane mounted on a rigid eight wheel lorry.   The approaches to the bridge utilised the existing footpath to one side and a new granular fill ramp to the other.