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Our client, required installation of approx. 550 no Platipus Anchors to support 137m cutting approximately 6m deep. These works allowed for the construction of a new business park in the Torquay region. The newly formed cut face was clad with gabion baskets to the lower 3m at 80 degrees and a hydroseed application to the remainder of the bank at 60 degrees.

A combination of traditionally driven, and pre augered and then percussively driven Platipus anchors were used to overcome various soil types present on site.



The client required a cost effective but aesthetically pleasing finish to the newly retained wall. Platipus anchors were selected to support the earth embankment but the final finish to the wall was under review in order to provide value for money whilst fitting with the aesthetical brief. Topbond and our supply chain worked through various options with the client, providing sample panels and multiple costed options until the final solution was selected by the client.


Through collaboration with Platipus, our client and our supply chain we were able to develop a finish comprising of 3m to the lower section of wall clad with 300mm deep gabion baskets on an 80° incline and a hydroseeded finish to the upper section of wall on an incline of 60°. The gabion panels were secured to the wall using secondary plates and nuts on to the Platipus anchor system and then filled with locally quarried stone on site. Once complete the 60° slope above was hydroseeded to reduce the risk of fines wash out and to provide a “green” finish in keeping with the local area.

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