York Road FootbridgeConstructed in 1965, the bridge deck was finished in terrazzo tiles, with marble cladding panels and a phosphor bronze handrail.

A report undertaken by Consultants Parkman on behalf of the London Borough of Lambeth in 1999 had revealed loose and cracked marble cladding panels and some loose tiles on the steps. Additionally the pedestrian parapet on one side was leaning outwards and did not conform to current standards. As a result of this report, temporary measures were taken to ensure public safety, while more permanent proposals for the repairs were formulated. Specialist bridge refurbishment contractors Topbond were called in to make recommendations.

They prepared a detailed schedule of works which initially involved testing and inspection of the structure by an independent division, HTS, carrying out a range of tests to ascertain its condition – these included half cell, chloride content, compressive strength, petrographic analysis and cement content. A repair programme was then designed based on these findings.

Upon acceptance of these proposals, Topbond erected edge protection to the soffit to prevent debris falling onto the carriageway below, then cleaned the bridge by water jetting to remove debris and identify further areas needing repair. The existing tiles, parapets, drainage channel and marble cladding were then removed. When the bridge had been stripped back to its concrete surface, the deck was repaired and a new parapet upstand cast. A new drainage channel was installed and new deck tiles, cladding and P4 parapets.

When all the works had been completed the footbridge could be re-opened and is once again a busy thoroughfare for commuters and tourists alike.