Installation of Tendon Anchors to strengthen railway bridge abutment

thumb_Picture2 As approved installers of the Platipus range of   anchors, Topbond have carried-out installations for numerous site applications.

One such project involved the installation of tendon anchors to strengthening on a railway bridge abutment at Wickham Market in Suffolk. 

Initially 2 trial anchors were installed. When these demonstrated they would be suitable for the required loads Topbond were given the order to complete the anchoring works.

This  involved drilling holes for 36 SO8 anchors and installing patress plates and load grips.  The anchors were then tensioned to a proof load of 43 kN, before being locked off at the agreed working load of 24 kN.

Because the work was in the rail environment, Topbond were required to use PTS trained staff , who are familiar with the particular hazards and health and safety requirements of the rail industry.