Brick, Window Repairs & Underpinning

thumb_MainThis project involved a 3 storey  block situated in a residential area of York.  Shops were located on the ground floor, with direct access for the public, whilst above the shops on the second and third floor were residential flats.

 A structural engineer working for the housing association responsible for the block had identified a number of structural defects within the property.  These included spalling artstone concrete window cills and heads, an area of subsidence to the rear corner of the block, cracked brickwork and a failed section of intricate brick coping.

 After a tendering process Topbond were appointed to undertake the remedial works.  Due to the size of the work fully boarded scaffolding was required to gain access to all work areas.  The artstone window surrounds were cleaned by power washing and the defective concrete was removed.  The exposed reinforcement was cleaned of corrosion and replaced in some cases. 

 The removed sections of concrete were then reinstated with a lightweight repair mortar back to the original profiles. Several coats of a migrating corrosion inhibitor (MCI) were applied to the window surround before they were painted with an anticarbonation coating.

 The foundation in the sunken corner was exposed and 2 Chance screw piles were driven to the desired depth and then securely connected to the footing with foundation brackets.  The failed bedding mortar was raked out and repointed.

 The  brick coping was carefully taken down to a sound level and the existing bricks were cleaned before being rebuilt to the original profile.

Throughout the works public access had to be maintained to the busy shop and for the residents of the flats.