Balcony repairs - South Londonthumb_Sycamore1

 Located in a leafy London Suburb, the works consisted of repairs to three blocks of 3 storey flats built of brickwork with reinforced concrete balconies.

 A remedial scheme for the external refurbishment and strengthening of the flats had been prepared by specialist building surveyors and Topbond were appointed after a tendering process.

 The works comprised of the cleaning, testing and repair of the soffit of the balconies followed by the application of an anticarbonation coating.  In areas of the balconies, low cover to the reinforcement had started to corrode as the carbonation front had advanced beyond the reinforcement.  This had led to cracking and spalling concrete.

 The parapet wall required upgrading which was achieved by fitting Helifix masonry reinforcement along the parapet wall and securing the parapet walls to the brickwork of the main elevation.

 All works had to proceed whilst the flats were occupied and so extensive liaison with the occupants was required by the Site Manager and team.  During the works Topbond received a letter of praise from an occupant who wrote to say how pleased he was with the work carried out. He commented 

"...Topbond was certainly the right choice for the task..."