Installation of hybrid technology anodes

thumb_MainpicThe use of new technology has helped extend the life of an historic bridge by using second generation hybrid anodes.  The new technology combines the benefits of the impressed current without the long term maintenance costs.  Due to the speed of installation and the more cost effective technology the anodes were considered ideal for an isolated location.

Topbond were asked to price the works and after a site inspection proposed an alternative method of installation which reduced the amount of site work by approximately 50%.

 The holes were drilled at the designated location and then partially filled with bedding mortar.  The anodes were then connected in a string and installed into the holes before being sealed over.  The string was then connected to the steel reinforcement in the concrete and to the external power supply.  On completion of the impressed current charging phase, which is used to arrest the corrosion, the power was removed and the anodes then operate in a sacrificial mode, to preserve the steel protection.