Scour Protection and gabion installation  thumb_Working_on_gabion

Structure refurbishment experts Topbond have undertaken scour protection works on numerous bridges in the Essex area.  One such project recently undertaken was the Mulberry House Bridge at High Ongar.  This is a 3-span reinforced concrete bridge which carries the A414 across the River Roding.  The North West embankment adjacent to the bridge had been scoured away, leaving a build up of silt on the opposite embankment.

 The proposed solution was to clear the silt and install stone filed gabion baskets to re-align the water course centrally through the middle span of the bridge.

 A 14 tonne excavator was used to remove silt from under the bridge.

 The area was then levelled in preparation for placing the gabion baskets.  The gabion mesh was tied using high tension stainless steel wire. 

 Once fixed in place, the gabion baskets were filled with 100-150mm durable stone and then the lids folded down and tied.  The gabions were hand filled to ensure even distribution of the stones and to prevent bulging.  Two rows of gabion baskets were used, with bracing at regular intervals.