Infill of redundant subwaythumb_Minories4

 Over the years Topbond have undertaken several subway infill projects, so when the decision was taken to decommission the subway at the Minories, close to Tower Hill in London, specialist sub-contractors Topbond were given the task of removing the subway.

 This is a busy part of London, with high levels of road and pedestrian traffic and works were undertaken during normal hours so careful planning was required to protect the public. The subway had both an east and a west entrance and both areas were cordoned off to provide a work area.

 Once the safe working area had been established, the paving was lifted and stored for subsequent re-use.  Then the parapets railings and parapet walls were removed.  The parapet walls were removed to a depth of 800mm below ground level, using diamond sawing techniques.  The railings were removed and sent for recycling whilst the other waste which was not recyclable was used as infill material in the subway.

 Before the subway could be filled with concrete, formwork was placed at each entrance, 6 No UPVC ducts were installed and drains within the subway were sealed off with compressible EPS foam placed over the sewer.  Foamed concrete was then poured in 1m high pours using concrete pumps.  6N Type 1 infill was used to fill the ramp area of the subways in 150mm thick layers which were then compacted.  When this was complete the area could be re-paved