Emergency  sprayed concrete tunnel repairs

thumb_limehousetunnelThe ''Limehouse Link tunnel” is a 1.8 km long tunnel carrying the A1203 road in the Limehouse area of east London and providing a vital link between Docklands and Central London.

On Sunday October 30 2005, a fire in a double-decker bus damaged the eastbound tunnel It is estimated that heat in the tunnel exceeded 700 degrees, causing severe damage. This resulted in the closure of the tunnel and severe disruption to the 65000 cars a day who use the tunnel.

Within hours of the alert being raised, Topbond was approached by Road Management Services, tunnel operators, to visit the site and participate in emergency repair design proposals. Once the repairs had been agreed Topbond responded very quickly and started works within 4 hours of receiving the client’s instruction.

Testing works were carried out the determine the depth of the damage and all damaged concrete was removed using Hp jetting back to sound concrete. The concrete was then replaced using SBD Mulsifix Spray Concrete DS with dry spray techniques. Around 250 m2 was applied in 4 days.

It had originally been estimated that the tunnel would be closed for four weeks, but due to the efforts of Topbond and other contractors it was reopened two weeks ahead of schedule.

The chief operating office of TFL was of course delighted at this early re-opening and commented ‘After some careful planning by TFL and our contractors, the repair crews have been working around the clock in very challenging conditions to restore the Limhouse Link to full use.’