Repair and Strengthening of Bridge Pillars

thumb_picture1This project involved refurbishment works to a bridge close to the busy Brent Cross Shopping Centre in North London.

The effects of heavy traffic, pollution, de-icing salt and blocked drainage had led to the deterioration of the concrete pillar. However, because of its location, it was not possible to close the bridge so repairs had to be carried out whilst keeping the bridge open to traffic.

The works involved excavating to the foundations and placing supports under the bridge to prop it whilst the works were in progress. This obviously involved careful planning to establish the load bearing capacity of the columns.

Hydro-demolition was used on the columns to remove spalling concrete. After the concrete repairs had been completed the drains were replaced and the tarmac re-surfaced.

After carrying out testing to verify the strength of the concrete, the props had to be carefully removed.