Our 8.25 t Pontoon deck mounted crane has the ability to lift 1.5 tonnes at 6 metres and slew through 370º at 18º from level. It is equiped with a powerful winch maximising use in a variety of situations including: Dredging, Pipeline Construction, Railway Applications, Tug and Salvage Duties, Dumpers, Unimog, Fastback, Workshop and Jetty.

8.25T Pontoon Deck Mounted Crane


370º slew rotation  
18º off level slewing capability  
Swing brake  
Overload shut down  
3 section boom  
Integral winch with failsafe brake  
Double acting cylinders  
Lifting Capacity: 8250Kg @ 1 metre
Maximum Radius: 1500Kg @ 6 metres
Maximum Radius with Extension: 750Kg @ 7 metres
Design Standards: SAE J765, SAE J987, SAE J1063

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