Toplift Multicat Workboat

Topbond provide marine services to clients in the Port, Renewable Energy and Civil Engineering sectors and have undertaken the installation, repair and refurbishment of many marine and waterway structures and equipment in both coastal and inland waters.

With over 40 years’ experience of working in, on and under water with trained commercial divers and boatmen in the management team, Topbond are well equipped to undertake works in this demanding environment.

Topbond own and operate a range of water-borne craft and specialist equipment to undertake these works. As well as being available for Topbond’s own use this plant is available for hire (For more information click Here).  All vessels used are approved by either the local port authorities (i.e. PLA) and / or the MCA. 


Projects have included the following:

Survey, maintenance and refurbishment of Marine Structures, Jetties and Quays (Steel, Timber, Concrete), Fendering, Piling, Concrete Repairs, Sprayed Concrete, Cathodic Protection, Anode Installation, Mooring Solutions, Navigational Aid Maintenance, Diving Services, Demolition, Dredging, Scour and Erosion Protection, Bridge Refurbishment, Bearing Replacement, Parapet Upgrades and Scour and Erosion Protection.

In addition we have our own footbridge design and build division, Intaspan,  

For a range of marine and specialist equipment available for hire please click Here


Should you wish to discuss further or for quotations please contact:
Martin Kitajewski
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