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Topbond completed this flood alleviation project as part of our long-standing framework with Essex County Council. The objective here:  improvements to Kingsmoor playing fields in southern Harlow by constructing a flood alleviation bund. Topbond constructed earth bunds and balancing ponds. Thirteen ‘leaky dams’/woody debris structures were also constructed in the surrounding woods to effect change.

An existing drainage network was also upgraded as part of this flood improvement project, and all was delivered on time and with maximum stakeholders involvement. 

The success of this project was recognized at the British Construction Industry Awards (BCI) where it won the ‘Small project of the Year’ category.


Undertaking earthworks and drainage within winter months is a huge challenge. Post-start, heavy rainfall and snow slowed progress and hindered supply chains. As a result, the project team needed to look at methods of keeping the site dry and keeping imported materials within its geotechnical specification.


We undertook and connected the drainage system initially to allow us to divert most of the water from site. Utilising the trench under the bund we started from the low point using it as a natural attenuation pond where we could then pump and treat the water before pumping it into the drainage system. We installed a haul road to allow access for material delivery and stockpiled the imported material. Material was covered to stop moisture content rising and placed immediately when possible. Material was tested regularly to confirm suitable for use and by keeping material dry in stockpile we managed to install the bund through the wet conditions.

The Project was selected as winner at the prestigious British Construction Industry Awards in 2018 for the ‘Small project of the Year’ category.

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