Footbridge replacement scheme

thumb_Midhurst_spanThe existing footbridge over the A2 did not meet current standards and Transport for London approached various contractors for their proposals to replace it with a new structure.

 The package included for the demolition of the existing footbridge, the installation of piled foundations, the design, fabrication and installation of a replacement footbridge and all ancillary works.

The chosen design for the bridge was a 52m single span warren truss steel structure with 118m of ramps and 3 flights of stairs.

The project was complicated by the need to maintain traffic flow on the busy A2 and to maintain access across the road to pedestrians, including pupils at a nearby school. 

 For this reason it was essential to install the new footbridge before the old bridge was removed and to minimise road closure time.  This meant that the new bridge had to be located as close as possible to the old bridge, while still allowing enough room for the ramps and stairs to be placed before the old bridge could be removed.

Acting as principal contractor Topbond were responsible for all aspects of the job, from co-ordinating the design, overseeing the fabrication of the footbridge, supervising  all groundworks, piling and pier installation, bridge installation and removal of the old bridge.

 Topbond's traffic management proposals enabled most of the works to be undertaken with only one lane closed.  The removal of the old span and the installation of the new span were undertaken on weekend night possessions, with a rolling closure in place to ensure that the road was not completely closed.