Intaspan, the specialist footbridge division of Topbond plc, offers a complete footbridge design and build service.

Footbridges can be constructed in a range of materials, depending on client requirements, the location and function of the footbridge and, of course, the available budget.??Steel is a popular option and we can offer a number of design options – truss formation of Warren, modified Warren and Vierendeel designs with either straight or bow string top booms – spans of up to 40m can be achieved. Steel beam bridges and plate girders can be designed and constructed, usually on a bespoke basis.?

Other options include timber and concrete, or a combination of materials – for example steel and timber are frequently used to combine the strength and durability of steel with the aesthetic beauty of wood
Intaspan specialise in a total project management service, including design independent checking, AIP forms, general arrangement drawings, foundation construction, demolition of existing structures, installation and associated works.  We can assist with planning and  undertake necessary liaison with statutory undertakers, local authorities and other bodies and can undertake the role of Principal Contractor under CDM Regulations.

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