Replication of Existing Mouldings on Victorian Window, Kent

thumb_picture2There can be few towns in the United Kingdom which do not have rows of Victorian houses with their traditional bay windows. Indeed so familiar are they that we perhaps do not appreciate the skilled craftsmanship which went into their construction. And all too often when repairs are needed, modern methods and designs are used which are totally at odds with the original building.

Fortunately when the owner of a Victorian semi in Kent purchased his property, he came to specialists Broadmead Renaissance Cast Stone to ensure a sympathetic restoration job. Previous owners had removed one of the original bay windows to incorporate an integral garage, but the new owner wanted to reinstate the window.

It was of course important to match the opposite bay, so Broadmead took casts of the original stone mullions and produced exact replicas in reconstituted stone, even down to the leaf designs.

The finished result is a perfect match with the original and has retained the traditional style of the property.


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